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Started by CNC Molds N Stuff, May 20, 2024, 02:14 PM

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CNC Molds N Stuff

Generally I don't run holiday discount codes.  I've never once made a sale on a discount code or sale that wasn't something somebody already told me they were going to buy.  No kidding.  However there are a few things you can take advantage of everyday or watch for. 

  • Free Shipping:  Any website stock order over $500USD (USA only) gets free domestic shipping everyday.
  • Quantity Discounts:  Most items have a quantity discount built in right on the website.  For most items this is 5 of the exact same item.  Not totally different items.  Some have a quantity 3 discount, but only a couple.  One or two items may have more discount levels for quantity, or allow variations of that same item.  Not many things, but some.  It saves me time on setup to make multiples of the same item at the same time or one right after another.  If you buy enough to save me significant time I pass that on to you.  Its automatic.  Just add the quantity to the shopping cart and you are good to go.  The discount is automatically applied. 
  • Penny Auction Rejects:  Sometimes I will make a mold that has a defect, is a prototype, or isn't going to be my final version.  These are always useable molds, but they aren't what I would normally ship for full price.  I will sometimes offer these on Ebay with a starting bid of 1ยข plus shipping.  They sell for anything from a very small percentage of new production price to as much as about 2/3s of new production price.
  • Introductory Pricing:  I plan to make some limited production runs of new items with special pricing.  10 to 50 of some new design premade all at once at a lower than regular retail price.  When those are gone the regular price will kick in. 
  • Forum Specials:  I won't be offering many general sales or specials, but I may on rare occasions offer one on the Tackle Maker web forums for participating members in good standing.  Active forum members may also be the first to see specials, Introductory pricing, or penny auction rejects. 

CNC Molds N Stuff

I am working on a crappie jig mold right now that will have a look in the water I have heard described as desirable, but a look in your hand like something else.  I'm confident enough in it that I'm probably going to make fifty of them for an introductory run. 

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